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Illinois State Fair 10 Must Do's


The most jam packed 10 days in Springfield, full of thrills and excitement.

Come have a blast at the Illinois State Fair ... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on June 18, 2024


Building the Horseshoe Legacy in Springfield IL

Celebrating the Springfield Icon… The Horseshoe Sandwich

The horseshoe sandwich (or simply a horseshoe or a shoe as locals... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on June 7, 2024


Celebrating the 4th in the Capital City

The festivities don't just happen on the 4th of July.  There are several days of entertainment and a few nights fireworks in ... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on May 8, 2024


5 New Things in Springfield 2024

What's new and exciting 2024?

We have 5+ fun and exciting new things ranging from new guided outdoor tours to a new... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on April 10, 2024


Art Galleries in Springfield Illinois

"Art is the queen of all sciences communicating knowledge to all the generations of the world." - Leonardo da Vinci

By:  Mike Riefler on April 4, 2024


Brunch in Springfield Illinois

Brunch: Like breakfast but better!

Sundays are Fundays…Saturdays too!  If you’re in Springfield and want to gather up your... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on March 9, 2024


Cruise to Springfield for the Mother Road Festival

cruises into Downtown Springfield on... Read More

By:  Amy Beadle on February 29, 2024


Tee up and Hit the Greens

Be sure to schedule in a round or two of golf on your Guys or Girls Weekend, you won't regret it! 

Enjoy one of nine public... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on February 28, 2024


FIDO Friendly Spots

In Springfield, we fully understand the love you have for your pooch. He’s not only your pet but he is part of the family.... Read More

By:  Amy Beadle on February 27, 2024


Springfield's Black History

Black History Month..."A month of celebrating the achievements of African American's and taking time to recognize their... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on February 9, 2024


History of the Springfield 1908 Race Riot

Springfield Illinois is a city rich in African American history, which helped shape Springfield, and the nation, as we know... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on January 29, 2024


Handmade, Homemade, Locally Made, Illinois Made

Have you heard of the Illinois Made program??

Illinois Made is a program developed by Enjoy Illinois with the purpose of... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on December 5, 2023


Indoor Play

The sun did not shine. It was too wet to play. So we sat in the house. All that cold, cold, wet day.”  The Cat in the... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on December 3, 2023


Unique Street Art in Springfield, IL

Did you know Springfield has an amazing art scene…Yep, that we do!! Whether it's art galleries, local theatre or street art, ... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on August 23, 2023


Exploring Springfield Illinois A Perfect Getaway

Exploring Springfield Illinois: A Perfect Getaway for Families

Welcome fellow moms, to Springfield, Illinois, where there... Read More

By:  Ali Liggett on July 28, 2023


Experience All Things Wine in Springfield


Sit back, relax and sip on that glass, of Wine of course!

Visit one of 10 Springfield area wineries & wine bars.     ... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on July 13, 2023


Taste What is Brewing


Looking for some craft beer when visiting Springfield?? are in luck!!

In downtown Springfield you will find 3... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on July 12, 2023


Take a Stroll with Springfield Walks

Springfield is lucky to be home of Springfield Walks. Garrett and his team of tour guides, have been sharing the history... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on June 12, 2023


From One Gen Z to Another A Guide to Springfield

Hey there! Now that we know you are interested in visiting Springfield, Illinois, we’re basically besties and besties don’t ... Read More

By:  Kaitin & Hannah on April 25, 2023


Take a Coffee Break in Springfield

Time to take that much need coffee break!!

A Classic Americana, an Espresso, how about a Latte, a Pour Over or even your... Read More

By:  Amy Beadle on April 21, 2023


Tale of Two Capitols

How many places can you visit two beautiful capitol domes piercing the sky? If you happen to ask for directions to the... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on April 15, 2023


An Architect and a Beautiful House

Let's talk about ARCHITECTURE with a little history lesson mixed in!

Do you know about Frank Lloyd Wright?? An American... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on March 31, 2023


Guided Tours in Springfield

Guided Tours in Springfield

Sometimes when planning a vacation, it can be a hassle to take a tour on your own.  The... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on March 22, 2023


5 Lincoln Sites You Do Not Want To Miss

You can't visit Springfield without exploring at least one of the many Lincoln Sites.

Here are just five that should be on... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on December 1, 2022


Treat yourself to a spa day in Springfield

Treat yourself to a spa day in Springfield

The stresses of work and home can really take their toll on a person.  So few of ... Read More

By:  Mike Riefler on October 8, 2022


5 Must Eat Dishes in Springfield IL


You know what you should see and do while you’re in Springfield…but do you know what you should EAT??

No? Well you’re in ... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on April 2, 2022


Take Time to Feed Your Soul

Why is planning a vacation so important?? We are happy you asked...did you know there is a whole day dedicated to 'Planning... Read More

By:   on January 18, 2022


Enjoy Nature in Springfield

What an amazing time to get out and enjoy nature. We are here to say getting outside and breathing in the fresh air is... Read More

By:  Alison Warren on August 30, 2021


From A - Z...26 Things to Do, Eat and See

OKAY...are you ready for a wild ride through Springfield?? 
Let's do this fun A - Z adventure!

A: Of course, everything Read More

By:  Alison Warren on May 20, 2021


Life in the Bike Lane

Do you live life your life in the "BIKE" lane?? Then we encourage you to check out Springfield's awesome cycling... Read More

By:  Alison Warren on April 12, 2021


Strolling through a Historic Village

Take a step back in time, two centuries in time, as you stroll through the reconstructed village now called Lincoln’s New... Read More

By:  Alison Warren on May 14, 2020


Adventures at Lake Springfield

Lake Springfield is a 4,200 acre man made lake that was built in the early 1930s. It took roughly 18 months to fill up and... Read More

By:  Alison Warren on April 24, 2020


Antiquing in Springfield, IL


Hop in your car, take a cruise on Route 66 and head to Springfield for a weekend of nostalgia!

Visit our historical... Read More

By:  Alison Warren on January 16, 2020


"Fall" in Love with Food in Springfield, IL

 As we move seasons from summer to autumn…the colors change from teals and pinks to browns & oranges and with that, it... Read More

By:  Alison Warren on October 7, 2019


Girls Trip to Springfield, IL


Here are some ideas for an awesome Girl’s Trip to Springfield.

Shop for local produce or even a bouquet of wildflowers... Read More

By:  Alison Warren on August 7, 2019


'Instagrammable' Spots in Springfield, IL


Everyone loves a good photo op! Whether you’re a photographer, selfie master, model, or simply someone who loves unique... Read More

By:  Alison Warren on July 16, 2019


‘The Coliseum of Champions’

Update: September 4

Thank you for following along with us as we shared the story of the renovation of the Coliseum of... Read More

By:  Visit Springfield on April 29, 2019