Central IL Customer Service Assn announces new "WOW" Award for the community | Springfield, Illinois | Visit Springfield

The “WOW” Award is our opportunity to recognize those unsung heroes that lift our spirits and inspire us through their simple or extraordinary acts of kindness or superior customer service.

By recognizing those who make a difference in our lives, we are challenged to think about how we can do the same for others.  It’s often not even what we do, but how we do it.  Together, one personal encounter at time, we can make our Springfield a happier place to be.  A place where people feel respected, included, and welcomed.  A place full of hope and smiles. 

Nominees could be someone in your company, but we hope people will think beyond that.  Is there someone who regularly crosses your path who makes you smile, made a difficult situation easier, or performed an unexpected act of thoughtfulness?


Official launch and announcement will be done Monday, October 5, 2020 for kick-off of National Customer Service Week.

About Central Illinois Customer Service Association -
CILCSA is committed to improving service in our organizations, businesses and in Springfield, Illinois (Central Illinois).  We believe that together, we have a better chance of making a difference by leveraging and sharing each other's experiences and successes to make Springfield the "Friendliest City".

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