Preserving the legacy of Bob Waldmire | Springfield, Illinois | Visit Springfield

A historic effort will take place at Buzz Waldmire’s barn, in Rochester.  The effort is intended to preserve the legacy and memory of the iconic Bob Waldmire, Buzz’s brother, a Springfield native and ambassador of the historic Route 66 Mother Road.

Throughout the four-day period, items will be cleaned, sorted, inventoried and cataloged.  The collection will be scanned into an archive.  Media interviews welcome however, closed to the public.

“My passion and love for Bob is my motivation to preserve and archive as many items as we can from his collection.  Time is critical, as elements are not kind to many of the pieces” - Jim Conkle, curator and dig facilitator.

About the Bob Waldmire Preservation Society -
The Society’s mission is to preserve and promote Bob Waldmire’s universal art, collection of memorabilia, and awareness of the man Bob was, as well as emphasize the importance for the continued enthusiasm and passion for Route 66. 

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For more information, please call Jim Conkle at 760-617-3991 or