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Roots Latin Grill

4127 W. Wabash Ave. Springfield, Illinois 62704

Monday - Saturday


Latin American and Hispanic cultures are scattered all around the world, from the United states to the tip of South America and all the way to Europe and other continents. This style of cuisine embodies the traditions of it’s many peoples and their ancestors. The rich and diverse food culture developed over the centuries it is due to the colonization and a mix of different cultures and races, that explains the unique flavor profiles for each region.

They have an extensive variety of cuisine styles that even though they seem different they share the same cultural ROOTS. At ROOTS, they use high quality ingredients and spices, the food is made as close as possible to what you would find in those countries, so that allows us to bring to you fresh homemade style food with restaurant standards. Their fine-dining menu is a combination of small and big plates, featuring a variety of hot and cold dishes, some have multiple pieces that can be enjoyed by 2 or 3 people, but not all dishes are meant to be shared, some are a single servings or a full meal.

Restaurant Details

  • Breakfast: No
  • Lunch: Yes
  • Dinner: Yes
  • Alcohol: Yes