Abraham Lincoln Long Nine Museum | Springfield, Illinois | Visit Springfield

Abraham Lincoln Long Nine Museum

200 S. Main St. Athens, Illinois 62613

Tuesday - Saturday 1 pm - 5 pm
June 1 - September 1



The building now houses an audio narrated diorama tour telling about Abraham Lincoln and the Long Nine. The carved characters in each diorama, handmade by Art Seiving, add dimension, bringing to life the lessons learned in childhood history classes. The backgrounds of the dioramas were painted by Lloyd Ostendorf, the artist of the 6x9 oil painting in the banquet room of Lincoln toasting Athens. Visitors learn about each diorama scene with the touch of a button. The diorama tour, original flooring, original steps on display, banquet room, history room with many copies of Lincoln's handwritten letters, and the basement history room with Rogers' fireplace make this museum unlike any other Lincoln museum.