1908 Race Riot Mural | Springfield, Illinois | Visit Springfield

1908 Race Riot Mural

400 N. 9th St. Springfield, Illinois 62701

Monday - Friday: 7 am - 5 pm



A multi-media mural that depicts scenes from the Springfield 1908 Race Riot. The mural highlights key individuals involved in the occurrences of the 1908 Race Riot and those who played pivotal roles in the establishment of the NAACP. The mural features a captivating centerpiece by acclaimed artist Preston Jackson, representing the sisters of the hospital caring for the victims of the Race Riot. A beautiful sculpture of a dove, created by Gianfranco Tassara, stands nearby offering peace and healing from the atrocities that occurred during the riot. HSHS St. John's Hospital Women & Children's Clinic is just north of the location of a recently discovered foundation of homes that were burned by violent mobs during the riot.

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