Tennessee Williams The Two - Character Play | Springfield, Illinois | Visit Springfield

June 9, 2023 - June 11, 2023
Fri & Sat - 7:30PM; Sun - 2:00PM

The Hoogland Center for the Arts
420 S. Sixth St, Springfield




Two actors, a brother and sister, meet in the empty playhouse where their theatre company is scheduled to perform that evening. But apparently the other actors have deserted them, and absconded with their money, so the two decide to perform the “Two-Character Play,” extemporizing the parts not memorized or not yet written. Thus the play-within-a-play begins, and it proves to be so compelling, and so deeply affecting, that soon both they and the audience are no longer sure as to where the play stops and real life takes over. In the end unanswered questions linger, but, with them, overtones of larger truths revealed and deeper meanings brought into light at last.