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Did you know Springfield has an amazing art scene…Yep, that we do!! Whether it's art galleries, local theatre or street art, Springfield's got it!! 

We have so many talented artists in our town that help beautify our city!! 

There is so much I can say about the art scene but for now let's talk…STREET ART!!


Art Alley

The concept came to life during an event that started September 2017, to help raise funds to benefit downtown revitalization. It’s a pop up art event in where you can watch artists compete to create a  mural in one day and unveil it during a reception party that night. Each year the murals change, making this a great spot to visit and wander through and take pics or the amazing artwork! 

Artist: Multiple          

Location: Alley off 5th Street between Adams and Washington, DSI


Good Heart Tattoo Mural

The awesome piece was done in a graffiti style with spray paint. 

Artist: Spencer Stokes (@Marsho217) & Lyndsay Grawey (@porkchopolis)

Location: 4th & Monroe (Good Heart Tattoo)

Frank Lloyd Wright PrairieSumac

This piece is a lasting homage to Wright and the beautiful sumac stained glass pieces he has designed. 

Artist: Troy Freeman with Freesky Studios         

Location: 4th & Monroe St. (Next to the Post Office) 

Young Abe 

A 2,220 sq. ft mural of Young Abe as a surveyor. Painted in 2013 with a technique called pointillism, which is done with small dots that form a larger image.  

Artist: Michael Mayosky

Location: 5th & Jefferson (Side of the Alamo)


Lego Abe

Everyone loves Abe, right?!….but how about Abe as a giant Lego?? Yes please! This is such a cool side street to bring the Lego loving kiddos, or grown ups, in your life to see. They will love it and don't forget to that  awesome Insta worthy pic in front of it. This piece was done by three local guys that are on a mission to bring cool graffiti style art into Springfield. Their work is done with 100% spray paint. So cool!! Completed July 2021

Artists: Ronnie Kaszub, Les Luger & Zachary Perkins

Location: 3rd St (Between Monroe & Adams Sts.)

Graffiti on the Brain Homer

Doh!! It's Homer Simpson, my friends. So funny! This is painted next to Lego Abe himself! What a cool colorful piece that definitely make you want a donut, haha! This one was also done by two of the guys that spray painted Lego Abe. Be sure to find their other pieced located inside of a few of our local businesses. Tacology 201, Grateful Coffee & IC BBQ are just the start for these guys. You better keep on one on them, you never know where the next work of art will appear. Completed August 2021

Artists: Konnie Kaszub & Les Luger 

Location: 3rd St (Between Monroe & Adams Sts.)


Farewell to Springfield 

This mural is of Abraham Lincoln saying farewell to Springfield on his way to Washington D.C. Although this murals completion didn’t end as planned it had been deemed complete. 

Artist: Michael Mayosky

Location: 10th & Monroe St (Next to Lincoln Depot) 

Fido's Puppies Sculpture Project

The Fido Puppies Sculpture Project is a collaboration including Downtown Springfield Inc., Springfield Art Association and the City of Springfield. Fido is famously the Lincoln Family Dog, who lived in their Springfield home in the 1850's.  The project was designed to make people smile as they hunt for the puppy sculptures throughout downtown Springfield.  Fido's "Puppies" will be getting into mischief all around downtown, hiding along sidewalks, on window ledges and lounging on steps!

The puppies were commissioned by various artists and placed outside businesses who sponsored them.  Keep an eye out for more puppies to come as part of the ARTification project.

Location: 4th & Capitol (INB-Artist: Erin Svendsen), 5th & Washington (SAA Collective-Artist: Will Norris), 6th & Madison (Union Square Park-Artist: Danny Brikshavana), 7th & Jackson (across from Lincoln Home-Artist: Betsy Dollar), 5th & Jackson (Bicentennial Plaza-Artist: Sam Brown)

Illinois History

This is a 20 panel mural designed to represent the State of Illinois that lines Clearlake Ave as you are entering Downtown Springfield. Completed in Summer of 2018 for the Illinois Bicentennial.

Artist: Students of Springfield Art Association

Location: Clearlake Ave (West of MLK Jr St.)

Route History Mural

Along with the ribbon cutting at Route History's reopening ceremony in August 2021, they also showcased their new mural that pulls together the landmarks in African American history that are often overlooked. Hopes are that the mural inspires young people to get out and learn the history that is not often found in the history books. Be sure to visit Route History Museum while you are here.

Artist: Korbin King

Location: 737 E. Cook St.

Wild Rose 

Another amazing piece to beautify Springfield. This mural is of beautiful flowers, native plants and pollinators in Illinois. Completed Summer of 2019

Artist: Students of Springfield Art Association

Location: 6th & Jefferson (Side of Wild Rose)

Island Paradise

A little peak of a beautiful ocean view on a brick wall.  Find this one when walking towards the Old State Capitol. Completed in 2009.

Artist: Michael Mayosky

Location: 6th St Alleyway (214 S. 6th St) 

Sunflower Field

Same as the Island Paradise, it’s a little peak into a sunflower field through a brick wall. Also completed in 2009.

Artist: Michael Mayosky

Location: 6th St Alleyway (The Roost)

A Net to Snare the Moon

Based off of a poem by famous Vachel Lindsay, who was a Springfield poet. This piece includes 4 very colorful panels that represent 4 verses from the poem itself.

“Come, let us see that all men”

“Have land to catch the rain,” 

“Have grass to snare the spheres of dew,” 

“and fields spread for the grain.” 

Artist: Students of Springfield Art Association

Location: 4th & Jefferson 

Green Goddess 

This design was compiled of several different images that match the style of the interior of Agues Front Burner. Completed in 2015. 

Artist: Troy Freeman - Freesky Studios

Location: Backside of Augie’s Front Burner - 109 N. 5th St.

Clay's Popeye BBQ Mural

The Clay family has continued to work hard and maintain a reputation in Springfield for receiving community and civic awards. In honor of this family, the Springfield Art Assn. High School Mural Camp picked them to be the location of their 5th mural. The mural honors family & friends of the clay family as well as community leaders. 

Artists: Springfield Art Assn. High School Mural Camp students

Location: 1121 South Grand Ave East

Farmers Market  

Painted on the side of a wall in the location the Old Capitol Farmers Markets is held every May - October. It’s a beautiful view of downtown Springfield and the farm land the surround it. 

Artist: Troy Freeman - Freesky Studios

Location: 4th and Adams St.


Teal Butterfly's 

This super cute butterfly and even cuter baby butterfly next to it for the kiddos, was painted on the side of Springfield Vintage in order to promote awareness and prevention of sexual assault!

Artist: Prairie Center Against Sexual Assault staff 

Location: Springfield Vintage


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