The Lincoln Experience

On this 9 am - 1 pm day tour, I'm going to take you to the Lincoln sites and present historical details well beyond the constraints of site interpreters. You'll hear the human stories of Lincoln: the father, husband and the lawyer. I'll even tell you the story of Lincoln's Springfield funeral, his final farewell. First, I'm going to find out what intrigues you about Lincoln. I want your visit to Lincoln's Springfield to be meaningful and memorable. I want us to part ways with you having connected to Lincoln in your own way, having your very own Lincoln Experience to last a lifetime. This personalized tour may not be for everyone, it can be intensive Lincoln but we'll go at your pace. This tour covers the Lincoln home, the Old State Capitol, the Lincoln Tomb and Oak Ridge Cemetery, additional sites possible based on time and your interests. Cost: $150 flat fee up to 5 people. Offered daily based on availability. This tour is led by Garret. Make your reservation today!