Comer Cox Park

Comer Cox Park, now about 6 acres in area, was originally established in 1976. About half its acreage, part on the north and part on the south was recently transferred to the park district by the city. The park now is bounded by the alley south of Capitol Avenue on the south, Martin Luther King Jr. Drive on the east, The Boys and Girls Club and residences on the west and Adams Street on the north. Commercial development is east of M.L. King Drive. Comer Cox Park contains 2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts, a picnic shelter with restrooms, picnic areas, and 2 playgrounds with both new and older equipment. One parking lot is located on the south side of Adams Street. A paved walk crosses the park from north to south, and another paved walk enters the park off M.L. King Drive, crosses a small bridge and ends at the picnic shelter.

301 Martin Luther King Dr. Springfield, Illinois 62703