2014 Springfield Sports Meeting Planner Guide - page 18-19

Springfield, Illinois
Near the center of the country, close to the heart of a nation.
Fun that will get things started in a heartbeat. The destination you choose
helps define the character of your meeting. In Springfield, Illinois, you will find
a site with the interest, variety and excitement your group deserves. In the
hometown of Lincoln, you will discover a place that is spirited and unique, yet
whole heartedly American.
We’re Here to Help!
Things to See & Do!
Long-Term Calendar
Where to Meet & Stay!
Put fun on themap in Springfield, Illinois.
Every year, fromaround the world,
more than 1.5 million people visit our fair city. However your attendees
compete, you will find convenience, great eats, rocking entertainment,
Route 66 nostalgia and Lincoln history come to life in Springfield, Illinois.
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