2014 Meeting Planner Guide - Military and Veterans - page 14-15

An about face away from the ordinary.
On patrol for unique ideas? Let SCVB
help. The Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau helps put the polish on
military reunions and events. Let us help your group see life through Lincoln’s
eyes or watch state government in action. We can schedule private tours and
offer suggestions for gatherings at many of our world-class historic sites and
museums. Go “off duty” by trying Springfield’s original Horseshoe sandwich
at a local pub or find your kicks on Route 66. From a round of golf to driving
our 1960’s style circuit, we help put the “you” in your unique adventure.
Walk where Lincoln’s long
stride once passed.
Springfield is the proud home of the world’s most
comprehensive collection of Lincoln-related sites. Walking
in his footsteps your group will grow in understanding of the
ideas and events that made him great. The crown jewel of
these historic treasures is the Abraham Lincoln Presidential
Library and Museum, a $115 million tribute where the
latest audiovisual technologies bring the life and times of
our 16th President into fresh perspective. Ask us to set up
a personalized tour of Lincoln sites to suit your group’s time
frame and tastes.
A Capitol idea.
Catch the action and intrigue of today’s state government in
action at the Illinois State Capitol. Or stand where Lincoln
stood in the Old State Capitol when he gave his epic “House
Divided” address.
Sights and Sounds.
Get at ease with the lifestyle in Springfield. Unearth a treasure
in an antique shop or stroll through our collection of unique
museums. Care to indulge your interest in historic Route 66?
Check out America’s Main Street, one of the nation’s newest
National Scenic Byways. A night on the town? Theater under
the stars? Share your wish and we will help to make it happen.
Take the plunge for family fun.
Springfield loves families and children of all ages. Splash
away an afternoon at Knight’s Action Water Park or enjoy a
day at Henson Robinson Zoo. Cruise in for a legendary treat at
the Cozy Dog Drive In on Route 66. In Springfield, there is no
limit on smiles and opportunities for family fun.
Delicious choices in dining.
Whether you prefer to pile up a plateful of home-style
favorites, or sample savory cuisine, Springfield has delicious
dining on the menu. With dining options in every category and
price range, you will find quality options to suit your taste.
Accommodations make your
group feel like top brass.
Springfield makes your group feel at home with more than
4,000 available rooms priced from luxury to economy, and
sized from bed and breakfasts to convention hotels. Make your
guests comfortable with a variety of dining options, business
centers, fitness centers and bars.
Distance From
Atlanta, GA
592 mi.
Chicago, IL
189 mi.
Cincinnati, OH
299 mi.
Cleveland, OH
473 mi.
Dallas, TX
728 mi.
Denver, CO
865 mi.
Des Moines, IA
291 mi.
Detroit, MI
433 mi.
Indianapolis, IN
193 mi.
Kansas City, MO
310 mi.
Knoxville, TN
500 mi.
Little Rock, AR
452 mi.
Los Angeles, CA
1899 mi.
Louisville, KY
275 mi.
Memphis, TN
370 mi.
Miami, FL
1320 mi.
Milwaukee, WI
263 mi.
Minneapolis, MN
480 mi.
Nashville, TN
393 mi.
New Orleans, LA
758 mi.
New York, NY
906 mi.
Omaha, NE
412 mi.
Pittsburgh, PA
546 mi.
San Francisco, CA 2076 mi.
Seattle, WA
2039 mi.
St. Louis, MO
100 mi.
San Francisco
Los Angeles
Kansas City
New Orleans
Little Rock
Des Moines
St. Louis
New York
The easiest bivouac you ever mustered.
Springfield is located in the heart of America’s
heartland. Set your coordinates for the center of Illinois at the junction of I-55 north-
south and I-72 east-west. Your reunion members can easily drive, fly or hop aboard
AMTRAK or buses to access Springfield from nearly anywhere in North America.
Mi l i tary reunions meet here .
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