2014 Springfield Meeting Planner Guide - Automotive Events - page 52-53

Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau
Sites & Attractions
Illinois State Museum:
Explore 500
million years of environmental change in Illinois.
Travel through time, from the beginning of life on
Earth to an era when mastodons roamed the Illinois
landscape to the days of the first European explorers.
Discover Illinois’ rich cultural heritage, see changing
exhibitions showcasing the best of Illinois art, play
and create in the hands-on children’s gallery, shop in
the Museum Store, and more. It’s fun, and it’s free!
Cozy Dog Drive In:
Home of the one and only
Cozy Dog, a delicious hot dog on a stick that is found
nation-wide at many county and state fairs. Inside the
diner, which has been located on Old Route 66 since
1949, visitors will find an amusing selection of Route 66
memorabilia and souvenirs.
Illinois State Military Museum:
on the grounds of Camp Lincoln – headquarters
of the Illinois National Guard – the museum is
dedicated to preserving the state’s military heritage.
The museum contains many rare items including
the state’s collection of military battle flags, a
target board shot at by President Lincoln, vehicles,
weapons, uniforms, equipment and photographs.
Air Combat Museum:
The Air Combat
Museum showcases the role of military aviation and
features a collection of historic aircraft and aviation
memorabilia, including a Beechcraft AT-11 used to
train bombardiers in World War II, a P-51 Mustang, a
Vought F4U-5 Corsair, a 1930s Fleet Model 9 biplane,
and a Soko G-21 Galeb, the first Yugoslavian jet.
Henson Robinson Zoo:
Located at Lake
Springfield, Henson Robinson Zoo is home to more
than 90 different species of exotic and native animals.
Lemurs, cheetahs, and cougars are among the 300
animals at Henson Robinson Zoo. Be sure to check
out the reptile house, and the penguin exhibit.
Clayville Historical Sites:
The centerpiece of
Clayville is the Broadwell Inn, the oldest brick building
in Sangamon County. Built in 1824 as a stage coach
stop between Springfield and Beardstown, the Inn is
listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and
is surrounded by numerous other historic buildings
from Central Illinois that were moved to Clayville in the
1960s to recreate an early frontier pioneer village.
Illinois Fire Museum:
Once the home
of the Illinois State Fairgrounds’ own fire station,
this site has been transformed into a museum
by the state fire marshal. A special room has
been set aside to teach children about fire safety.
The museum houses a vast array of antique and
current fire fighting equipment, including a 1857
horse-drawn, hand-pumped water wagon.
Thomas Rees Memorial
Carillon and Washington Park
Botanical Gardens:
Located in Washington
Park, the Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon is the
world’s 5th largest bell tower. Containing 66 bells
that weigh nearly 75,000 lbs, the twelve-story tower
has three observation decks providing a beautiful
view of Springfield. Also within Washington Park are
the Botanical Gardens, home to over 1800 species
of plants, flowers, and other horticultural charms.
Camp Butler:
Once the site of a Union Army
training camp and a Confederate prison, now it
is a cemetery for veterans and their dependents.
More than 18,000 are buried here, including
1,600 Union and Confederate soldiers.
Illinois State Capitol:
Housing the offices
of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney
General, and Secretary of State along with the
House of Representatives and Senate chambers.
Topped with a 405-foot dome, the building is a
combination of Renaissance Revival and Second
Empire style. Visitors can watch lawmakers in action.
Illinois War Memorials:
In honor of the
brave men and women from the state of Illinois who
served in conflicts overseas, Oak Ridge Cemetery
is home to the World War II Veterans Memorial, the
Illinois Korean War Memorial, and the Illinois Vietnam
Veterans Memorial. These stunning monuments pay
tribute to the Illinois citizens who helped shape this
great country, often with the ultimate sacrifice.
Shea’s Gas Station Museum:
Shea’s Gas Station Museum is a tribute to the early
days of gas stations that once lined Route 66.
Visitors can enjoy a large and eclectic collection of
service station memorabilia, including thousands
of oil cans, fuel pumps, a 1952 Airstream travel
trailer and a restored 1984 Ward school bus.
Dana-Thomas House:
The Dana-Thomas
House is said to be one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s largest
and most elaborate Prairie-style designs. The house
has 15 rooms that contain more than 100 pieces of
original furniture as well as 250 art glass windows.
Executive Mansion:
This red brick
Italianate mansion in downtown Springfield has
been the official residence of Illinois governors
since 1855. Located at 410 East Jackson, the
Illinois Executive Mansion has received seven U.S.
presidents. Visitors can tour three levels and see the
ballroom, dining room and the Lincoln bedroom.
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