2014 Springfield Meeting Planner Guide - Automotive Events - page 2-3

Near the center of the country,
close to the heart of a nation.
Where all roads lead to chrome.
When it comes to cars and car lovers,
no place understands your passion like Springfield, Illinois. Home of
one of the most accessible and interesting stretches of Route 66, we’ve
become a popular destination for automobile clubs and motor sports
enthusiasts nationwide. From discovering greatness in Lincoln’s home
town, to rural road rally adventure, to great dining, fun attractions and
more. To put your event on wheels, look to the Springfield Convention
& Visitors Bureau. We put fun in high gear for you.
Top reasons to
choose Springfield
Getting your kicks on
Route 66!
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Walking in the steps of
at world-class
historical sites
Relishing the original hot dog on a stick
at the
Cozy Dog Drive In
SCVB’s fine-tuned experience in assisting
with auto club meetings and groups
Shea’s Gas Station Museum
One-of-a-kind historic settings for special event functions
A full range of
affordable accommodations
Cruising the streets of historic downtown Springfield
Central Location
for increased attendance
After glow barbecues at the Lake Springfield Beach House
Free assistance in plotting driving tours for
Route 66
and other scenic highways
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