2014 Springfield Meeting Planner Guide - Automotive Events - page 28-29

“Here I have lived a
quarter of a century
and have passed
from a young to
an old man.”
Let’s put our
heads together...
and come up with something unique.
Starting, say, with the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The
198,100-square-foot complex offers private tours and magical spaces to host
spectacular events. Or how about a picnic at Lincoln’s New Salem? A stroll
through this rustic log cabin village would present an interesting site for a
conversation-starting group outing. The opportunities for creativity are virtually
limitless. The events you create will be fascinating. Use this book as a starting
point. But, come to the SCVB to explore the facilities options that add that
special touch of magic.
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Things to See & Do!
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Where to Meet & Stay!
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