2014 Springfield Meeting Planner Guide - Automotive Events - page 20-21

At the crossroads
The Land
of Lincoln
Route 66.
The road to your best meeting ever starts here.
Surprises. Historic
treasures. Political intrigue. Dancing. Dining. Adventures to explore. You
will find it all right here in Springfield, Illinois. It’s where America’s
rural heartland meets a city that is decidedly out of the ordinary. Where
a landmark presidential library and museum and world-class historic
sites mark where Lincoln once walked. And where Route 66, fairgrounds
fun and other delights mean excitement is around every corner. At the
intersection of so much to see and do, you’ve discovered the perfect road
map for an experience they will remember.
Top reasons you will make
history in Springfield
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
Getting your kicks on
Route 66!
Walking in the steps of
at world-class historical sites
4,000 available guest rooms at a range of
affordable prices
historic settings
for special event functions
SCVB’s expertise in offering
ideas and support
for meetings,
conventions and special events
Central Location
for increased attendance
Illinois State Fairgrounds,
a city unto itself
Prairie Capital Convention Center
distinct convention areas
provide plenty of options
for your meeting, convention or special event
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