Cubs vs Cardinals: The Rivalry

Posted: 4/3/2017
Author: Alison Warren

Cubs vs Cardinals: The Rivalry

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Cubs vs Cardinals: The Rivalry




So what would you say are three key ingredients to make a great baseball rivalry?

Proximity      History     Competition

With the rivalry between the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals, these three things have played a huge part in what has divided baseball fans in Illinois for generations.

Now through December 31st, the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum invites you to take an interactive step into this historic baseball rivalry as you walk through their new exhibit, Cubs vs. Cardinals: The Rivalry. 


What will you experience during your visit?

One-of-a-kind artifacts: Artifacts related to some of the most exciting moments in Cubs and Cardinals history, anything from jerseys and batting helmets to pennants to programs.

Walk Through History: A detailed timeline through the long, colorful history of the Cubs and Cardinals, from their beginnings to legendary games, trades and broken records.

Map the Rivalry: An interactive exhibit shows the percentage of Cardinals fans vs. Cubs fans across the state of Illinois. Visitors can look up their hometowns and see just how far they lean toward the red or the blue.

Trivia: Throughout the exhibit, visitors can answer trivia questions about their favorite team that is being tracked to see which team ultimately has the most knowledgeable fans.


 “The Rivalry” was developed in conjunction with the National Baseball Hall of Fame, the Chicago Cubs and the St. Louis Cardinals, an unprecedented partnership from all three organizations for an exhibit of this type. 

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